Photography Assignment

Photographic Assignment Semester One

The brief here was Memory and Archive  as a record of a selected moment in time, the (documentary) photograph still retains a primary purpose of being a record — a trace of a moment in time to become an archive or memory. 

While delving though my collection of photos and keepsakes I came upon a collection of Richard Carrier cookbooks/magazines.  They were put out in the 1970s and collected by my Grandfather,  who was an enthusiastic cook.  One of the recipes reminded me of a happy time I spent with him creating  a Bavarian Cream and riding home with it hitched onto the back of my bike, much to his amusement.    What I also realised is that I had a wonderful family archive of recipes that had been scrapbooked together,  recipes collected by Mum and passed to me, personal recipes from friends and family, often hand written.   


Author: Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy graduated with a degree in Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Craft - Jewellery) at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. She was selected as an exhibitor for Objectspace's "Best in Show - 2012" and has exhibited in Wellington for NZ Academy of Fine Arts and in Auckland at Lopdell House.

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