Global Art

Global Art,   where to begin?  As new technologies emerge at an ever increasing rate, travel and migration become easier and cheaper,  the world seems to be becoming a much smaller place and the many, many different countries history, culture, art , ideologies, politics and economies are merging and influencing us all as never before.     This blogsite is just one example of  the new  ‘global mediums’ available to us,  once I have made my posts they will then be available virtually anywhere in the world.

For my assignment I have created a new Category ‘Globalisation’ , the postings here are:-

  • ‘Global Art’ – This introduction
  • ‘Globalisation and Cultural Identity’  an exhibition looking and discussing the effects of globalistaion on cultural identies and traditional art practices.
  • ‘McDonalds – the Global Invasion’  a collection of Youtube clips showing how universal this brand has become.
  • ‘Janet Lilo – Visual Artist’ –  a look at Janet Lio’s work using video, youtube and the internet as her mediums

For further interest and reference there are links within my posts and also a new Link  section ‘Globalisation and Art’.

Lastly, as this medium a public forum I have sent a facebook message to all my ‘friends’ for them to read these postings and leave a comment.  It will be interesting to see how many comments I get and if it leads to new ideas and directions.  The link to facebook is also found in the ‘Globalisation and Art’ Links section.

Author: Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy graduated with a degree in Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Craft - Jewellery) at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. She was selected as an exhibitor for Objectspace's "Best in Show - 2012" and has exhibited in Wellington for NZ Academy of Fine Arts and in Auckland at Lopdell House.

3 thoughts on “Global Art”

  1. Hi Dot,
    I think your very lucky to have your life enriched by all of your own cultural ties. Great subject matter and A+ work by you


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